About the Tri-City Regional Chamber of Commerce

The Tri-City Regional Chamber of Commerce – A Dynamic Organization, Delivering Exceptional Value!

This is an exciting time to do business in the Tri-Cities, and be a member of the Tri-City Regional Chamber.  The Tri-Cities remains one of the nation’s fastest growing communities, and the Tri-City Regional Chamber has captured this momentum; working hard to help grow business and cultivate success.

Every Chamber strategy, program and service is created specifically to provide positive results, and bring credit to this region.  We are 100 percent focused on results that translate directly to our “customers” – the 1,200 plus businesses that invest in the Chamber.  The Tri-City Regional Chamber serves and represents all our member businesses without a focus on any one size of business, geographic area, or industry sector.  We welcome the involvement and participation of all members in our many programs and activities.  

The Tri-City Regional Chamber is well-positioned to positively and creatively respond to challenges and opportunities; maintaining a flexible and responsive organizational structure so that we can effectively and quickly change activities or programs to serve the needs of our members. The recently implemented Small Business Incentive Program demonstrates the Chamber’s responsiveness. When an opportunity to partner with Washington River Protection Solutions arose, the Chamber designed and executed this successful grant program; providing $30,000 worth of essential resources to 44 of our small business members.

We continue our tried and true programs such as Network Tri-Cities Luncheons and Business After Hours, that have become the trademarks of the organization.  However, with the progressive growth and aggressive leadership, come new and exciting ideas such as the Women in Business Conference, and Meet the Buyer program.  Thanks to the efforts of our dedicated professional staff, Board of Directors, and many chamber volunteers, programs and events such as our Business EXPO, Cool Desert Nights, and the Annual Meeting & Awards Luncheon, are being stepped up to even higher levels, resulting in greater participation and increased return on investment.

The Tri-City Regional Chamber reports progress through clear, measurable goals to benefit our members and the region we represent.  As a result of a recent strategic planning session for our Board of Directors, our business plan was amended to include a higher priority be put toward efforts to recognize and publicize the successes of our Chamber members.  Therefore, we have recently presented several individuals and member businesses with the Business on a Roll, Impact, Chamber S.T.A.R. and ATHENA awards.  We’ll continue to seek out innovative ways to shine the much deserved light on our members.

Working collaboratively with community partners is an area of major focus for the Chamber.  The Tri-City Regional Chamber is a co-sponsor of the recently launched web portal, www.tricitiesbusinessbuilder.com, the first of our region’s collaborative efforts to connect business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs to resources and providers that can help their business grow.  Additionally, we are partnering with a number of organizations to launch a mid-year “Good Health is Good Business” program; highlighting strategies and resources that promote and support a healthy workplace.  

We recognize the importance of public and private partnerships, therefore, the Regional Chamber works with stakeholders in addressing common issues to bring about a higher level of government representation for the Tri-City region.  Our leadership and involvement in a variety of local, state and federal advocacy efforts are building political relationships, establishing a positive tone for the future, and creating a unified team.  Our strength is directly proportional to membership; the greater our numbers, the more influence we can bring to bear on behalf of all business in the Tri-Cities.  

At 1,200 plus members, the Tri-City Regional Chamber of Commerce is the 5th largest chamber in the State of Washington.  Our members are the driving force for everything we do, and delivering exceptional value is what makes us the most dynamic, member driven Chamber in the region.